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Message started by yunnanababy on Oct 31st, 2010 at 12:11am

Title: Feature film with MM connection
Post by yunnanababy on Oct 31st, 2010 at 12:11am

I wanted to let you know about a film I just learned of.  One of my friends recently contacted me to let me know about it, because when she first heard of it, she thought of my daughter.

It is called "The Free Ride" and here is what she wrote about the film:

"I don't know if you are familiar with this movie or not as it has been playing in many churches, but the name of it is "The Free Ride". My cousin [is in the movie &] plays a father to a little boy who has moya moya disease. He is visited by a mysterious visitor who offers him a chance to ride long distance in an endurance race to win prize money that would help his son get a life saving operation.

If you go to it will tell you more about the movie and how to purchase it. It is up for several awards in Christian entertainment."

I haven't yet had a chance to view the film, but am anxious to.  MM is just so very rare & to think that there is a recent feature film where one of the main characters has MM is surprising to me.  It leads me to believe that the writer(s) must have a personal connection with MM.

I just thought I would share about the film here, as I thought it might be of interest to some in our MM support community.  If anyone has seen the film, I'd appreciate hearing your reviews.

Best regards,


Update:  After posting this message, I checked out the facebook fan page for this movie.  Based on the synopsis available there, the ill child in the movie is said to have a "rare blood disorder" and needs and "experimental" operation to save his life.  This didn't seem to line up with the info my friend had provided, so I contacted the film makers to ask for clarification regarding the wording in the synopsis.  I received a prompt reply from one of the film makers and she has indeed confirmed that the ill child in the film does have MM - she apologized for characterizing it in the synopsis as a blood disorder.  If anyone is interested in reading my inquiry and her response, send an email to me at soveryberry @ (close spaces) and I'll forward them to you.  I don't want to post it here, b/c it does contain spoilers so don't want to ruin the film for anyone who might wish to see it.   :) Forum » Powered by YaBB 2.4!
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