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Title: Diagnosis
Post by Maryjohn0192 on Aug 18th, 2017 at 7:26am
The diagnosis of moyamoya is suggested by CT, MRI, or angiogram results. Contrast-enhanced T1-weighted images are better than FLAIR images for depicting the leptomeningeal ivy sign in moyamoya disease. MRI and MRA should be performed for the diagnosis and follow-up of moyamoya disease. Diffusion-weighted imaging can also be used for following the clinical course of children with moyamoya disease, in whom new focal deficits are highly suspicious of new infarcts.
Proliferation of smooth muscle cells in the walls of the Moyamoya affected arteries has been found to be representative of the disease. A study of six autopsies of six patients who died from Moyamoya disease lead to the finding that there is evidence that supports the theory that there is a thickening, or proliferation, of the innermost layer of the vessels affected by Moyamoya. These vessels are the ACA (anterior cerebral artery), MCA (middle cerebral artery), and ICA (internal carotid artery). The occlusion of the ICA results in concomitant diminution of the "puff-of-smoke" collateral's, as they are supplied by the ICA.
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