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If you are planning on going to Stanford for treatment, here is a list of hotels in the area put together by the social services offices at Stanford.  This is just a guide to give you information on some of the options available.

If you decide to make reservations at one of the hotels listed, I would suggest making reservations over the telephone and explaining that you will be a Stanford patient. Most of the hotels should be able to work a better deal with you.

If you have any questions or problems with this page, or the hotels listed, email me and I'll look into it.

NOTE: For information on what the abbreviations mean under Rates, Rooms, and Amenities, hold your mouse over each and an explanation will appear in a box near your mouse. For more information on how this works, click here.

Menlo Park

Miles away Hotel Name Phone Number Rates # of Rooms Amenities
1.1 Best Western Riviera 800-632-7255 $$-$$$ RR BKF, DIS, FIT, HCP, LDY, POOL
3.0 Menlo Park Inn 800-327-1315 $$ RR BKF, HCP
1.7 Mermaid Inn 800-237-4622 $ RR BKF, HCP, LDY, POOL
1.2 Stanford Park Hotel 800-368-2468 $$$$ RRRR FIT, HCP, LDY, POOL, RES, STL

Palo Alto

Miles away Hotel Name Phone Number Rates # of Rooms Amenities
1.2 Cardinal Hotel 650-323-5101 $$ RR LDY, PET, RES
2.0 The Cowper Inn - B&B 650-327-4475 $$ R BKF, LDY,
3.2 Creekside Inn 800-492-7335 $$ RRRR DIS, FIT, HCP, LDY, POOL, RES
3.9 Crowne Plaza Cabana 800-227-6963 $$$ RRR BKF, POOL, RES
3.7 Days Inn Palo Alto 800-325-2525 $$ R BKF, LDY, PET, RES, STL
3.8 Dinah's Garden Hotel 800-227-8220 $$$$ RRRR FIT, LDY, POOL, RES, STL
1.8 Garden Court Hotel 800-824-9028 $$$-$$$$ RRR FIT, HCP, RES, STL
2.1 Hotel California B&B 650-322-7666 $$ R BKF, LDY, STL
3.7 Hyatt Rickeys 800-233-1234 $$-$$$$ RRRR DIS, FIT, HCP, POOL, RES, STL
3.0 Palo Alto Travelodge 800-578-7878 $-$$ RR BKF, DIS, HCP, POOL
4.0 Quality Inn 800-228-5151 $$ RRR BKF, HCP, LDY
1.1 Sheraton Palo Alto 800-874-3516 $$-$$$$ RRRR DIS, FIT, HCP, LDY, POOL, PET,
3.7 Sky Ranch Inn 800-255-4759 $ R BKF, DISLDY
3.3 Stanford Motor Inn 650-493-3153 $ RR BKF, POOL
1.2 Stanford Terrace Inn 800-729-0332 $$-$$$ RRR BKF, DIS, FIT, HCP, LDY, POOL
3.0 Super 8 Motel 800-800-8000 $ RR BKF, HCP, POOL
3.5 Townhouse Inn 800-458-8696 $$ RR BKF, DIS, FIT, HCP, LDY

Redwood City and San Carlos

Miles away Hotel Name Phone Number Rates # of Rooms Amenities
3.0 Best Western Suites 800-386-7377 $$ RR BKF, LDY
2.8 Holiday Inn Express 800-465-4329 $$ RR BKF, FIT, HCP
9.1 Good Nite Inn 800-648-3466 $ RRRR DIS, LDY, POOL, PET

Mountain View

Miles away Hotel Name Phone Number Rates # of Rooms Amenities
6.2 Pacific Inn Mt. View 650-967-6901 $-$$ RRR BKF, HCP, LDY, STL, DWR
6.7 Comfort Inn Mt. View 650-967-3579 $-$$ RRR BKF, HCP, POOL, MM.COMDR
7.2 Best Western 800-785-0005 $ RRR BKF, FIT, HCP, LDY, POOL
7.8 Holiday Inn Express 800-445-7774 $$ RR BKF, FIT, HCP, POOL
7.8 Hotel Lodge Pacific Inn 800-954-6835 $$ RR BKF, DIS, HCP


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