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Summary of the commands
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Summary of the Commands
Command Aliases Description
/quit /exit, /logout, /bye Leave the chat. Same as clicking the "logout" button.
/nick nick   Change the nickname.
/color Colorname /col Changes your text color or displays the current color, if no color is specified. The color has to be an RGB-value or the name, for example red. RGB-values can be found with the colorchart (under Profile/ edit profile).
/room Roomname /join, /channel, /go Go to the specified room.
/msg nick text /talk, /tell, /t Send private message to a user. If a partial name is given it will be completed automatically. Private messages cannot be read by ANYone else except the ones involved. (Not even the admins can!)
/me text /txt Post a quote in the current room.
/away text   Change to away-mode. This mode will be ended as soon as you start to type something again.
/smileys on and /smileys off /smileyson and /smileysoff Turn Smileys on and off. As long as the smileys are off, the smileys in the text of other chatters won't be changed into a picture and the option to choose smileys dissapears.
/ignore nick   Ignore a user, you will not see any more messages from this user. If you do not specify a nick the system displays all the nicknames in your ignore list. The ignorelist is erased with every login.
/unignore nick   Cancel an ignore on a user. You can see the messages from that person again.
/invite nick   Only for room owners and administrators: Invite a user into a private room. The user gets a message and then he/she can enter that 'locked' room. You can cancel the invitation any time with /uninvite.
If you do not specify a nickname, a list of currently invited users is displayed.
/uninvite nick   Only for room owners and administrators: Cancel an invitation to a user. The user stays in the room if he/she is already there, but once he/she leaves, they can not come back in (unless they are invited again, of course).
/addvip nick   Only for moderators: make a user a VIP for the current room. This means, the user's posts are visible to all users in the room. Contrary to the moderator the VIP does not see posts by normal users, but only those of moderators or other VIPs. The VIP status is permanent that means it is only canceled by the /removevip command, not by a logout. If no nickname is given a list of all VIPs in the room is displayed.
/removevip nick   Only for moderators: cancel the VIP status of a user.
/img url nick   Only for room owners and administrators: Send an image specified by the url to another user. If no username is given send it to everyone in the room.
/broadcast text /atall Only for administrators: Send a text to all users in all rooms of the chat.
/kick nick   Only for administrators: Kick the specified user out of the chat.
/push nick room   Only for administrators: Push a user into a certain room. If the name is not complete, it will be automatically completed.
/gag nick time   Only for administrators: Silence a user for a certain time. The time is in minutes. If no time is specified the default is 5 minutes. The command can be cancelled by using the time 0. If the name is not complete, it will be automatially completed.