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Houston, Texas... Looking for someone to meet with (Read 4404 times)
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Houston, Tx
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Houston, Texas... Looking for someone to meet with
May 23rd, 2012 at 2:32pm
My wife had her stroke a little over a month ago with the diagnosis shortly there after. While she is progressing well with recovery, the realization of what has occured is starting to hit hard. While we have the doctors very involved, i was wondering if there was anyone currently in the Houston area that would be willing to speak with my wife about their expereince.

I figured i would just start with this post before i just started blindly sending pms Smiley please feel free to send me PM if you would be willing to see her. I mainly want to assure her that this is not the end.

Thanks You.
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Sugar Land, TX
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Re: Houston, Texas... Looking for someone to meet with
Reply #1 - Nov 18th, 2012 at 8:56pm
MM in Houston area

I'm so sorry to hear you are going thru this, but there can be pretty good recovery. Unfortunately, with any stroke or damage to the brain, recovery depends on many things and is very different for probably everyone.
My son has MM and was dx'd after a stroke 15 1/2 yrs ago. He had educational setbacks b/c of the effect on his speech, right hand and the language center, but I am happy to report that he had a fairly normal childhood and is now a sophmore at TX A&M, Galveston. He also earned his Eagle rank. There was lots of therapy and tutoring but he perservered. He was always a sport nut so the physical activity helped his recovery. Most people are surprised to learn of his history as it is not obvious now.
We have met many adults with MM thru this website. Most seem to be doing quite well. Very few are having difficulty. But all will agree it takes a lot of work. The first 6-12 months are crucial, but there can still be improvement beyond that.
If you haven't seen them, I hope you will watch the videos of Dr. Diane Miliwicz's presentation on the genetic research being done on MM right here in Houston. Just search her name on YouTube or you can find the link in this website. there are 5 videos each ~15-20 minutes long so you don't have to sit thru the entire thing at once. Their work is very encouraging.
Feel free to email me at srmac22@gmail.com if you have any questions - I am happy to share anything I know or our experiences.
God bless you both - whatever comes, He will take the best care of you because you are His children,

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Sue (Kyle's mom)
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