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How to delete cookies from a mac? (Read 1564 times)
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How to delete cookies from a mac?
Nov 8th, 2010 at 3:40am
clear cookies on mac with clear cookies on mac!

what are cookies?
Popular speak: Cookies allow the web server is a small amount of data stored in the client's hard drive or memory, or from the client hard disk to read data of a technology. when you visit a site,Cookies will placed on your hard disk by a Web server on a very small text file, which can record your user ID, password, pages viewed, time spent and other information.

Cookies are silent in the file browser with access to our local hard disk, and when we visit a site, the site is likely to record our privacy cookies to upload files to your local hard disk. So how do we stop the cookies files to prevent disclosure of our privacy it?

For many of the mac computer users,in order to prevent disclosure of our privacy, and you can choosedelete cookies on mac to ensure the security of privacy.

The following is the key features of cookies clearing on mac

1.All-in-one utility
It can clear all the cache which is stay in your Mac computer .What you have to do is press button.
2.Optimize the computer system
It can improve the Mac computer environment through clear the cache and widget.
3.Clear the system cache and cookies and folder cache
One of the best features of clear cache for Mac is its ability to easily clear the system cache and cookies and folder cache that affect your computer system.
4.To improve the storage space
It can access the hidden storage area to clear some widget to improve storage environment.
5.multifunctional feature
it can capture the pesky bug when new software operated.
6.Easy to use
Clear cache for Mac software makes system maintenance simple with an easy point .with the simple click ,novice can easy to use to keep the system running at its best.
7.Safe to operate in your Mac computer
The clear cache for Mac is a safe software ,it don’t have the write-perform function when it runs in your Mac computer.
8.Clean up the portable device
Keep your removable device free from those annoying and unnecessary service files.
9.To clear plug-in to release disk space
Clear cache for Mac software easily erase all the plug-in that stay in your disk space. To finish this just need some simply click.

How to delete cookies on mac
You can delete cookies  on mac by following steps
Step 1
Delete cookies through the individual browser. For Safari, Open the browser menu and select "Preferences," then click the "Security" tab. Click "Show cookies," then "Remove all" and finally "Done." For Firefox, click "Preferences, then "Privacy," then "Show cookies." Choose to "Remove all cookies."
Step 2
Delete all of your cookies at once by eliminating a file. For operating systems earlier than Leopard 10.5, you can delete all cookies by moving "cookies.plist" to the trash. Press the "Command" button + the space bar to open the Spotlight search function.
Step 3
Type "cookies.plist" into Spotlight.
Step 4
Move the file to the trash can.

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